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Welcome to my personal web page.

E-mail me at javierj(a)
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My main investigation field is generation of system test cases from requirements. Some questions I want to answer are:

Can I generate system test cases in an automated way?.
Which information do I need?.
How can I know if generated test cases covers 100% of my system?.
Can I get a low number of test cases without decrease coverage level?.
When am I going to learn English?.

And many more.
A resume of my main research line may be download from here / PDF


05/15/2008 MODELS case study following this link.

03/01/2008 You can download TestGen 0.2.3 from here.
TestGen includes ObjectGen and ValueGen. More info in TestGen page.

01/21/2007 Actualizada la sección de Materiales de cursos con nuevas presentaciones sobre Métrica, UML y requisitos.

06/12/2007 You can download TestGen 0.2.1 from here.
TestGen includes ObjectGen, ValueGen and, now, a user manual !!! More info in TestGen page.

02/06/2007 You can download ValueGen 0.1.0 from here.
More information of ValueGen may be found in ObjectGen link. An example of the tool in action may be found here.

10/31/2006 You can download ObjectGen 0.1.1 from here.
Do not forget to visit the ObjectGen page in this web.

10/14/2006 You can download ObjectGen 0.1.0 from here.
This is the first version that implementes all the expected functionallity (generation of behaviour model and derivation of test objectives).

10/08/2006 Tres nuevos artículos añadidos en las publicaciones.

09/28/2006 You can download ObjectGen 0.03 from here.

08/28/2006 I have published a web page with a reference list about approaches for testing use cases. See it here.

07/21/2006 You can download TestGen 0.02 from here.

06/17/2006 You can download TestGen 0.01 from here. Version 2 is coming soon.

02/10/2006 Research section updated.

07/12/2005 More publications.

06/20/2005 I have read about 15 proposals (email me for references) to generate system test cases from requirements and none of them is complete. If you want to generate a set of test cases from functional requirements you have to do that:
1. Generate a behaviour model.
2. Extract execution paths from that model.
3. Generate test values to that paths.
4. Generate expected results from that paths and values.
5. Assure test cases set is minimal (minimum number of test cases with maximum coverage).

This one is easy. The hard one comes when you have to describe how to do it. Hardest comes when you want a program that do that. Impossible comes when you want a program that do that right.