Case Study

This case study describe the use cases of a report system developed by a degree student and, nowadays, under exploitation in a real government service.
Use cases are written in the XML format used by the TestGen tool (also available in this web). Activity diagrams are generated in XMI format compatible with Sparx Enterprise Architect. A different XMI flavor, compatible with the open-source StarUML, may be also generated using the TestGen tool.
Some examples of the files provided are showed in the following images.


Use case Activity diagram generated


Use case (XML file) Activity diagram (XMI file)
Use Case 01 Activity Diagram 01
Use Case 03 Activity Diagram 03
Use Case 04 Activity Diagram 04
Use Case 05 Activity Diagram 05
Use Case 06 Activity Diagram 06
Use Case 07 Activity Diagram 07
Use Case 08 Activity Diagram 08