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Faculty Members

Rafael M. Gasca, PhD

María Teresa Gómez, PhD

Pablo Neira Ayuso, PhD

Sergio Pozo Hidalgo, PhD

Rafael Ceballos, PhD

Fernando de la Rosa, PhD

Miguel Toro, PhD

Diana Borrego, PhD

Ángel Jesús Varela Vaca, PhD

Luisa Parody, PhD

José Miguel Pérez Álvarez


TDiaCO-BPMS (2010)

OPbus (2009)

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Carmelo del Valle Sevillano, PhD in Electrical Engineering (Dr. Ingeniero Industrial)
Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad)

ETS Ingeniería Informática
Dpto. Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos
Avda. Reina Mercedes S/N, 41012 Sevilla (Spain)
Room F1.72 (Módulo L4)
Tel: +0034 954 552 771
Fax: +0034 954 557 139


Research Areas

  • Model-based Diagnosis. Pre-compiled Techniques, Data-driven Techniques, Determination of Clusters of Components, Semiqualitative Model-based Diagnosis.
  • Constraint Programming and Constraint Databases. Interval Constraint Programming, Configuration and Assembly Problems, Soft Constraints, Industrial Applications.
  • Assembly Sequence Planning. Genetic Algorithms, Heuristic Algorithms, Constraint Programming.
  • Information Security Systems. Intrusion Prevention, Distributed Intrusion Detection, Distributed Denial of Services.

Publications and Research Projects

Please, go to DBLP and Sisius area, or to the research projects area of the Website.

Research Activities

Thematic and Excellence Networks and other Memberships

  • RNPST, Spanish National Network on Planning, Scheduling and Temporal Reasoning.
  • IntervalNet, National Thematic Network of Interval Methods Development and Engineering Applications.
  • MONET2, International Network of Excellence on Model Based Systems and Qualitative Reasoning.
  • ARCA, National Thematic Network of Qualitative Reasoning Automation and its Applications.

Ongoing PhD supervisions

  • María Teresa Gómez. 2003--. LORCDB Query Language. Model Based Diagnosis as Case Study.
  • Rafael Ceballos. 2003--. Automatic techniques for diagnosing errors in designed by contract software.
  • Antonio A. Márquez. 2002--. Constraint-Based Algorithms for Planning the Substitution of Faulty Parts.
  • Irene Barba. 2006--. Constraint-Based Algorithms for Planning Maintenance and Repairing Activities.
  • Do you want to join QUIVIR as a PhD Student? Write us!

Organizing Commitee

  • VIII Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence - IBERAMIA, University of Seville (Spain), November 2002.
  • I Workshop on Planning, Scheduling and Temporal Reasoning, Seville (Spain), November 2002.


It is given in Program Software Engineering at Seville University. It yields 3 credits. The general contents and prerequisites are described in the course plan.

2005/2006 course programme available in Spanish.

There exist a near-natural interconnection between actual information systems using local area networks and/or Internet. Compuers connected to public and private networks are exposed to a wide variety of risks and dangers, because of systems (computation resources, disk space, confidential data, etc.) are exposed to millions of people, autmated scan&attack tools, massive propagation worms and other kind of malicious software and users in the wild.
In order to know how to deal with security problems and risks, IT Security professionals should have some knowledge and habilities regarding IT Security in networks and systems. In this course we explain theory and practice of the most important Information Security principles, such as security policies developent and deployment, firewalls, IDS, honeynets, secure programming, basic criptography, etc.

There exist a near-natural interconnection between actual information systems using Internet. In this course we will present a paradigm to computationally approach a set of problems and needs that arise from that interconnection, using the Mobile Software Agent Paradigm.
We will also present some concepts regarding Constrating Programming Paradigm related to reasoning and learning, that will be used during the course.

Office Hours

Please, follow this link to go to office hours page (in Spanish Only).

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