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Rafael M. Gasca, PhD

María Teresa Gómez, PhD

Pablo Neira Ayuso, PhD

Sergio Pozo Hidalgo, PhD

Rafael Ceballos, PhD

Fernando de la Rosa, PhD

Miguel Toro, PhD

Diana Borrego, PhD

Ángel Jesús Varela Vaca, PhD

Luisa Parody, PhD

José Miguel Pérez Álvarez


TDiaCO-BPMS (2010)

OPbus (2009)

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LabSIS - Laboratory of Security in Information Systems

LabSIS was formed in year 2002 and is established within the Computer Languages and Systems Department at the Computer Engineering High School of the Seville University, in Spain. LabSIS provides a research and education center in emergent areas of Information Systems and Network Security. LabSIS is integrated within Quivir Research Group.

LabSIS is a ERFD/FEDER and Spanish Ministry of Science and Education and consists of heterogeneous platforms and multiple interconnected networks to facilitate hands-on experimentation and project work in issues related to Information Security. It provides the basis for multidisciplinary research and education in emerging areas of security at our University. LabIS2 was initially started as a Collaboration Project with the company SKILL Consejeros de Gestión S.L.

LabSIS is currently formed by a multidisciplinary team consisting in PhD holders, PhD studdents, research assistants, grant holders, students and collaborators. All of them have an active interest in different areas of Information Security. The main activities and research interests of LabSIS are focused, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Computer and Network Survivability and Dependability. Security Policies and Firewalls, Deception in Information Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Mobile Multi-Agent Systems security, Intrusion Response Teams forming and managing, Awareness Programs.
  • Models and Constraint Programming and its Applications in Dependability and Survivability of Systems and Networks. Security Policies Languages, Applications of CSP in Systems Security.
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